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Welcome to our new website, I'm kinda new to all this stuff so shall learn how to do everything on the website over time.

Guild Master -

ICC Progress Update -
The guild has been expanding fast and progressing through ICC very well, getting o 7/12 on ICC 10 on 2 guild runs. The first two guild runs of the guild, it was lead by one of our two Raid Officers, Timboektoe. A good ICC well known tactical warrior and id like to thank him for leading my guild through the ICC.
Also, I would like to thank the ICC attending members, that spent their time watching and reading about the boss tactics on the internet (youtube & google is good!).

The guild has been growing, and is gradually hitting the half a hundred mark. Around 40 unique members have joined, are having fun and still remain.

Our Goals -
Our goals as a guild, is to help bring people on their first times through dungeons such as ICC and other HC's. We aim to get everyone top in Achievement points and top in dps. Were not a guild which only accept people with a high gearscore or a certain amount of Achievement points, we like to help our guild members explore the World of Warcraft they have been missing out on!

That's all, thanks for reading.
Your GM - Skulldeath.
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Raiding Times

opticzandrew, Oct 26, 10 5:15 AM.
Raiding Times Have Been Confirmed and Agreed on!

Raiding Times -

Friday 18:00-22:00 REALMTIME
Saturday 18:0-22:00 REALMTIME
Sunday 18:00-22:00 REALMTIME
Monday 18:00-22:00 REALMTIME

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Frostmane (PvP)
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We are willing to accept anyone of level 80 who is willing to join and raid with the guild. :)
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